Wild flowers of the Northern Namib

This is the third volume in the Wild Flowers series about the northern Namib Flora.
Burke, Antje
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Title: Wild flowers of the Northern Namib
Author: Antje Burke
Publisher: Namibia Scientific Society
2nd edition. Windhoek, Namibia 2009
ISBN 9991640533 / ISBN 99916-40-53-3
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 112 pages, numerous colour photos


Whilst compiling this book, the third in a series of field guides about the plant life of the Namib Desert, I struggled to decide which area to cover. Strictly speaking, the northern Namib extends way into Angola. However, due to the long years of political unrest, hardly any plant collections have been undertaken in that remote part of the Namib and as a result our knowledge of its plants life is very limited. Consequently, in this book I focus on the northern Namib within Namibia which is accessible to most visitors. Well over a decade of ecological research and environmental assignments have given me the opportunity to study the Namib’s fascinating flora. I would like to share some of this knowledge with others interested in the Namib’s environment and plant life. There are very few plants that are solely restricted to the area covered in this guide. There are many plants in the central Namib which also occur in the northern Namib. Since I tried to avoid repetition between this guide and that on the central Namib, if what you are looking for is not covered in this book, it may well be found in Wild flowers of the central Namib.