The wild horses of Namibia

This is a wonderful coffee-table book with bw-photos illustrating the wild living horses of Namibia.
Uttridge, S.; Cowan, G.
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Book title: The wild horses of Namibia
Authors: Sandra Uttridge; Gary Cowan
Clifton Publications
Cape Town, South Africa 2006
ISBN: 0620352167
Hardcover, dust jacket, 28x28 cm, 60 pages, throughout bw-photos


The origin of the Desert Horses is now lost in time, the subject of endless speculation. Were they part of the study of the legendary Baron von Wolf of Schloss Duwisib, or military remounts belonging to the South African forces in First World War?

However, whether one regards them as a mistake of history or a symbol of survival, the wild horses of the Namib fascinate all those who see them. Almost a century has elapsed since their escape from domestication, and time has enabled them to adapt to the harsh conditions of their life in the barren Sperrgebiet.

This book is a celebration of their continued existence, which is far more than bare survival - it is a joyous daily victory of life over a harsh land. It is a place of savage beauty and overwhelming silence. The harsh climate brings scorching hot days, chilly nights, minimal rain, in winter the searing east wind and fierce sandstorms.

For almost a century wild horses have roamed the desert around Garub, their range falling within the restricted Sperrgebiet. Their existence remained a closely guarded secret for more than 70 years until 1986. [...]

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