Mission, State and State Relations in South West Africa under German Rule

Regarding the period of 1884-1915, mission, state and state relations in South West Africa are subject to this study.
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Book title: Mission, State and State Relations in South West Africa under German Rule
Author: Nils Ole Oermann
Studien der Berliner Gesellschaft für Missionsgeschichte, Band 5
Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag
Stuttgart, 1999
ISBN 978-3-515-07578-7
Hardcover, 18x25 cm, 267 pages

Foreword by Terence Ranger:

The historiography of nineteenth century Christian mission in southern Africa is one of the most exciting and keenly debated fields of African history. Indeed, were I do begin to teach a graduate class once again, I think I should start with this topic before all others. The debates about mission have raised fundamental issues of the relationship of ideological and cultural 'conquest' to political and military conquest; of European agency and African initiative; of narrative and of poetics; of anthropology and history.

To begin with, the literature focussed on South Africa and then spread to Southern Rhodesia. In the English-speaking world the cases of Mozambique and Namibia were much less known, and barely integrated in the overall debate. Today, however, that is changing. We begin to have excellent studies, in English, of Protestant mission in Mozambique and there is a veritable renaissance of Namibian historical studies, of which this book is a part. […]