Luangwa River: Unique Wilderness in Africa

'Luangwa River: Unique Wilderness in Africa' is a marvellous guide to wildlife and culture of a most beautiful region in Zambia.
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Title: Luangwa River
Dubtitle: Unique Wilderness in Africa
Authors: Ilona Hupe; Manfred Vachal
Publisher: Ilona Hupe Verlag
München, Germany 2016
ISBN 9783932084706 / ISBN 978-3-932084-70-6
Soft cover, 17 x 25 cm, 240 pages, 8 maps, 390 colour photos


The Luangwa River, an unique natural African paradise, is exposed to countless dangers. Problems with deforestation, water distribution, livestock breeding, fires and poaching are as topical as ever; furthermore due to the population growth, conflicts about the division of land are on the increase and, to the dismay of all, commercial ivory poaching is flaring up once more. Modern infrastructure measures also represent a danger. Transit routes and railway links are to be built and the protected valley will be opened up for the transport of economic goods. Wherever new roads are constructed in Africa, population follows hot-footed and with it the deforestation of ancient woodland, which destroys animal habitats. In some areas of Zambia despite of their designation as GMAs, and thus established as buffer-zones, new settlements and fields each year encroach 2 km closer to the parks’ borders. In addition, because of easier transport routes, commercial poaching will expand even further. Like the Okavango and the Victoria Falls, the Luangwa River Valley has deserved to be part of the World Heritage. To be saved from total destruction this unique African wilderness needs our immediate attention.

Content: Luangwa River. Unique Wilderness in Africa

A Garden of Eden in the African Rift Valley
The Luangwa - Dynamic Lifeline in an unspoilt Wilderness
Looking Back in History
Early Explorers and Brave Adventurers
Stories of Settlements at the Mouth of the Luangwa
Hans Schomburgk's Pioneer Journey 1931/1932
Sacred Buildings in the Middle of the Wilderness
Wildlife Conservation Areas and National Parks
Wildlife Ecology and Park Management
The current Situation and the Valuable Work of the NGOs
The Father of Wildlife Protection in the Luangwa Valley
South Luangwa National Park
Game Drives in the different Regions
Animal Observation on Game Drives and in Camps
Lodges and Safari Camps
North Luangwa National Park
On Foot through the Wilderness
Safari Camp
Luambe National Park
Safari Camp
Lukusuzi National Park
The Luangwa Valley between ,,Suicide Month" and Rainy Season
Endemic Species / Biodiversity
Paleontological Research in the Luangwa Valley
Floral Biodiversity / Selected Species / Plant Ecology
People in the Luangwa Valley
Everyday in the Luangwa Valley
Impressions on a journey through the Luangwa Valley
On the move in the Luangwa Valley
Useful Information

Travel Season, Activities and Trips
Coping with Dangerous Situations in the Wilderness
Bibliography, Photo Credits, Acknowledgements

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