Like it was. The Star 100 Years in Johannesburg 1887-1987

Like it was is a tremendous, most interesting collection of representable newspaper publication of the South Africa newspaper 'THE STAR' through 100 years from 1887 to 1987.
Clarke, James
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Title: Like it was
Subtitle: The Star 100 Years in Johannesburg 1887-1987
Editor: James Clarke
Publisher: Argus Printing & Publishing Company
Johannesburg, South Africa 1987
ISBN 0620093897 / ISBN 0620 09389 7
Original softcover, 23 x 29 cm, 244 pages, throughout b/w photos and illustrations


Good. Some traces of usage on cover, inside clean.

About: Like it was. The Star 100 Years in Johannesburg 1887-1987

The Star happens to be older than Johannesburg itself. It has watched it grow, and enjoyed most of it. Apart from threats to horsewhip the editor in the '20s, when that was fashionable, and death threats to the editor in the '80s, when left-wing and rightwing terrorism was fashionable; apart from bannings in the last century, and legal prosecutions in this; apart from the occasional burning down of the building and the odd siege, it has enjoyed every minute of "telling it like it is". We hope you will enjoy a pleasant browse through some of those tense, hilarious, shattering and silly times as we now try to tell it as it was. While completing this book, Like it was: The Star 100 Years in Johannesburg 1887-1987, with all South African newspapers, was subjected to curbs under yet another State of Emergency. Press freedom was once more under seige. It looked critical. But historical perspective suggests that a newspaper that has survived authoritarian closure; financial crises, arson and political censorship in the past, should not now be timid about the future.

Content: Like it was. The Star 100 Years in Johannesburg 1887-1987

City Map
The Camp (1886-1889)
The Antagonists (1890-1899)
We the Survivors (1900-1909)
A Town of Parks (1910-1919)
The Reds (1920-1929)
What Might Have Been (1930-1939)
Missing Presumed Dead (1940-1949)
The Fateful 'Fifties (1950-1959)
The Wind of Change (1960-1969)
The Impossible Dream (1970-1979)
Crossing the Rubicon (1980-)
Additonal Information
Maps of Johannesburg