Landshapes. The Geomorphology of Namibia

Beautifully explains the geomorphology and the natural shapes of the Namibian landshapes, with paintings, diagrams and text.
Swart, Roger; Marais, Christine
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Book title: Landscapes. The Geomorphology of Namibia
Authors: Roger Swart; Christine Marais
Macmillan Education Namibia Publishers (Pty) Ltd
Windhoek, Namibia 2009
ISBN 9789991609218
Hardcover, 30x21 cm, 134 pages, throughout illustrated, English


For the past three years geologist Roger Swart and artist Christine Marais have collaborated on this book which seeks to explain the geomorphology and the natural shapes of the Namibian landshape, with paintings, diagrams and text.

For those who love the Namibian landscape, who are intrigued by the variety of fascinating shapes and forms and by the vast contrasts between sand dunes, rocky mountains, dry riverbeds and gravel plains, this book will satisfy your curiosity.

The book has been carefully written to be understood by those who do not have a scientific education, but are interested in the landscapes of Namibia. Beautiful paintings accompany the text and the different areas covered by the book are illustrated with satellite photographs.

About the authors:

Roger Swart has lived and worked all over Namibia and has a doctorate in geology, he works internationally as a consulting geologist.

Christine Marais is well known as an artist of the natural history of Namibia, and has worked together with scientists on several books, ranging from the flora and fauna to the fossils of Namibia.