Jojo's wire car

Jojo’s wire car is an excellent way to introduce children to a different culture and way of life.
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Title: Jojo's wire car
Author: Veronica Lamond
Genre: Children's book
Publisher: Random House Struik
Imprint: Nature
Cape Town, South Africa 2014
ISBN 9781775841173 / ISBN 978-1-77584-117-3
Softcover, 21 x 24 cm, 32 pages, throughout colour illustrations


Veronica Lamond was born, and grew up, in Durban, South Africa. She now lives in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Her book 'Jojo's Wire Car' tells the story of a young African boy's determination to enter a wire car competition by creating his toy car against all odds. This is another charming and warm-hearted story for both boys and girls, which takes the reader into the life of an African village. Veronica Lamond has illustrated and written a series of successful children’s books in the UK, the 'Landy' series. Her realistic illustrative style, bright, busy and capturing all the flavours of the story and its setting, will enjoy wide appeal. From September 2014, Veronica will be available for reading Jojo’s Wire Car and speaking about how she went about writing and illustrating her books, to schools in Devon and Cornwall.

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