It is no more a cry. Namibian Poetry Exile Essays Literature Resistance Nation Building

It is no more a cry introduces to Namibian Poetry in Exile and Henning Melber's Essays on Literature in Namibian Resistance and Nation Building.
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Title: It is no more a cry
Subtitle: Namibian Poetry in Exile and Essays on Literature in Resistance and Nation Building
Editor: Henning Melber
Publisher: Basler Afrika Bibliographien Namibia Resource Centre & Southern Africa Library
Basel, Switzerland 2004
ISBN 9783905141849 / ISBN 978-3-905141-84-9
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 99 pages, some bw-photos and illustrations

About: It is no more a cry. Namibian Poetry

When It is no more a cry: Namibian Poetry in Exile was originally published in 1982 it was regarded as a documentation of culture in resistance hitherto unaccessible. This reprint is supplemented by Essays on Literature in Resistance and Nation Building by the editor Henning Melber. They explore the place of this particular literature and poetry in Namibian society. This volume offers access to a unique aspect in the history of the Namibian struggle for self-determination during a crucial period of time. The testimony is aimed particularly to serve a new generation in Namibia, who has not lived through this important part of our history. The re-publication will help them to achieve a fuller understanding of a difficult and bitter time. It will also foster a better and clearer perspective on events in our present societies. Given our current rite de passage or interregnum, the insights presented in these re-published texts are more than historical evidence. They offer lessons from the past for the present and the future.

Content: It is no more a cry. Namibian Poetry

Dennis Brutus: Preface
Henning Melber: Introduction to this Volume
It Is No More A Cry. Namibian Poetry in Exile (1982)
Preface by the United Nations Institute for Namibia
Henning Melber: Colonialism, Culture and Resistance: The Case of Namibia
Henning Melber: The Namibian Literature of Combat (1988)
Henning Melber: "Transform the World": Towards Nation Building Through Culture in - Namibia (1994)
Henning Melber: Postscript 2004
Note on the Editor
Note on Illustrations

Poems from It is no more a cry. Namibian Poetry

Geraldt Tjozongoro: Good Old Days
Shivute Shanumbundu: Before The White Man Came
Tshuuteni Tshithigona: The Old Namibian Peasant
Geraldt Tjozongoro: Namibian Contract Worker
Mbunga wa Hoveka: My Mother
Gerson Uaripi Tjihenuna: Cry The Land Between Two Deserts
Edwin S. Ilukena: Namibia
Karivazeua K. Hongoze: Evil Of The World
Albert Siloka: The Turnhalle Circus
Nguno Wakolele: We Are Leaving You
Gerry Wilson Thobias: Tears Of Africa
Franz Tshirunga: It Is No More A Cry
Issiek A. Zimba: The Voice Of Namibia
Franz Tshirunga: Freedom
Johannes K. Kanyangela: For Anti-Imperialists
Hinyangerwa Asheeke: I Know
Nguno Wakolele: Omgulumbashe
Nguno Wakolele: Kassinga
Nguno Wakolele: Come On!
Johannes K. Kanyangela: The Fighter's Courage
Nguno Wakolele: Southern Africa
Simon Thu Lilonga: Down!
Johannes K. Kanyangela: Imperialism And Africa
Albert Kawana: I Wish There Could Be No Southern Direction
Tongeni: PLAN Fighters
Thomas N. Nashongo: Night Caller
Jimmy Seth Isaacks: Freedom Fighter
Hinyangerwa Asheeke: A People's Warrior
Servatius Sh. Aijambo: When Shall I Go