IIKhauxa!nas is a account on the discovery of the ruins of a fortified place constructed by Orlam Afrikaners.
Dierks, Klaus
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Title: IIKhauxa!nas
Author: Klaus Dierks
Series: Growing to Nationhood
Publisher: Longman Namibia
Windhoek, Namibia 1992
ISBN 9991610065 / ISBN 99916-1-006-5
Original softcover, 15x21 cm, 69 pages, several bw-photos


Good. Few traces of usage.


"IIKhauxa!nas provides us with a fascinating account of the discovery, by Klaus Dierks, of the ruins of a settlement, believed to have been a fortified town constructed by Orlam Afrikaners. More importantly, this book recounts the complex history of a period in Namibia's development to nationhood: shedding light on the role that this fortified town may have played in the earliest attempts to fight European occupation and concludes with a brief and insightful account of the Namibian resistance fighter Jacob Marengo's war against the German colonial forces, in the region surrounding this hill-top fortification. The site of IIKhauxa!nas is therefore a fitting symbol of Namibian nationhood and resistance to outside oppression. This series then aimed to provide accessible texts on various aspects of Namibia's growth to nationhood."

Though based on the very interesting discovery of the historic site of IIKhauxa!nas, a strong ideological impact of SWAPO governmental propaganda on the text cannot be overseen. The realization of this book was granted by The Centre for Applied Social Sciences (CASS) of Windhoek and its German partner, the Centre for African Studies in Bremen, which are being sponsored by the European Communities, terre des hommes (FRG) and the Bremen Senator of Ports, Shipping and Foreign Trade-State Office of Development Cooperation. This publication had been supported by funding from SIDA and UNESCO, under the auspices of the Namibian Orature Project.

Content: IIKhauxa!nas

Note on the author
Part I: IIKhauxa!nas rediscovered
Recovering Namibia's past

Namibian civilisation is older than recorded history
Regaining our national heritage
The task ahead
IIKhauxa!nas today: Visiting the ruins
How to get to IIKhauxa!nas
Description of the site
Learning more through aerial photography
and comparative studies
IIKhauxa!nas yesterday
The picture from the past
Part II: The history of IIKhauxa!nas
The founding of IIKhauxa!nas and the defensive period

The Orlam Afrikaners
From servitude to dominance
The Afrikaners and the missionaries
Missionaries and the llHawoben
The offensive period and Jakob Marengo

Marengo, a Namibian hero
The establishment of German colonial rule
The rising of the !Gami-nun
The final struggle
South African rule
Chronology around IlKhauxa!nas
Selected literature for further reading

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