Harvest Diaries

Harvest diaries is both a memoir and a reflection on a year for food and wine on an organic farm in South Africa.
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Title: Harvest Diaries
Author: Christine Stevens
Type: Cookbook, Lifestyle
Publisher: Jonathan Ball Publishers
Johannesburg, South Africa 2010
ISBN 9781920289263 / ISBN 978-1-920289-26-3
Softcover, 19x25 cm, 198 pages, troughout colour pages


Following the success of her organic cookbook Harvest Diaries, Christine Stevens pauses to reflect on her life, food and the beautiful, organic farm she calls home. Compiled using excerpts from a decade of diaries and freeze-frames from her day-to-day life as a winemaker, farmer, wife and mum, Harvest diaries provides a glimpse of farming life through Christine’s eyes. How did this city-dwelling, fashion designer become a farmer and ardent disciple of living with the seasons and allowing Mother Nature to dictate the rhythm of life?

From her early life in England through to her success as an organic winemaker and cook, Harvest Diaries is both a memoir and a reflection on how life could be if we just took a moment to smell the roses or sit under a huge old oak tree and watch the world go by. Accompanied by some of her typically simple and devoutly seasonal recipes, each chapter is filled with nuggets of wisdom, experience and great big slices of love for the way we all should live. The simple life at its best!

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