Franschhoek & Rickety Bridge

Franschhoek & Rickety Bridge is an extraordinary book about an extraordinary place in South Africa.
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Title: Franschhoek & Rickety Bridge
Subtitle: A place of extraordinary beauty, food and wine
Author: Gerald Hoberman; Marc Hoberman
Genre: Photobook, coffee-table book
Publisher: Gerald & Marc Hoberman Collection
Cape Town, South Africa 2003
ISBN 0972982213 / ISBN 0-9729822-1-3
ISBN 9780972982214 / ISBN 978-0-9729822-1-4
Hardcover, 29 x 23 cm, 62 pages, 115 colour photographs, colour maps


French-speaking Huguenot settlers who sought religious freedom in the seventeenth century brought their viticulture and pioneering spirit to this valley on the southern tip of the African continent. They assimilated with the Dutch who had established the Cape as a tavern of the seas, a halfway refreshment stop for their ships en route to the East. German, English and other European settlers added their influences to create a multicultural region. Small wonder that this magnificent valley of awesome landscapes, purple mountains, undulating vine-clad hills and unique Cape Dutch architecture is today the food and wine capital of South Africa, an enchanting destination for visitors, who mingle with the rich and famous and those fortunate enough to have been born there. Capetonians Gerald and Marc Hoberman, internationally acclaimed photographers, writers and designers, are passionate about the Cape. "Franschhoek & Rickety Bridge" showcases the multifaceted attributes of this important wine-growing region with unrivalled photographic skill and a meticulously researched and fascinating text. A masterpiece, this is the ultimate souvenir to be revisited time and again.