Ethnologists in camouflage. Introducing Apartheid to Namibia

Ethnologists in camouflage: Introducing Apartheid to South West Africa/Namibia from the 1950s.
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Title: Ethnologists in camouflage
Subtitle: Introducing Apartheid to Namibia
Author: Robert J. Gordon
Publisher: UNAM Press
Windhoek, Namibia 2022
ISBN 9789991642765 / ISBN 978-9-99-164276-5
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 186 pages

About: Ethnologists in camouflage. Introducing Apartheid to Namibia

From the early fifties, South Africa used South West Africa/Namibia as a testing ground to promote Apartheid ideology and to devise methods of countering insurgency. In these exercises a number of experts, known as ethnologists, played an important role. Linked to the government and the military they carried out research among specific ethnic groups, describing their physical characteristics, material culture, language and beliefs. Their work was used to legitimate Bantustan policy by emphasizing unbridgeable differences between people to make a national liberation movement impossible. Rob Gordon presents fresh evidence on crucial questions which have gone unanswered over decades. 'Ethnologists in camouflage. Introducing Apartheid to Namibia' undermines ivory towers and raises wider moral questions concerning the role of doubt in expertise and in debunking conspiracy theories.

Content: Ethnologists in camouflage. Introducing Apartheid to Namibia

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Map: Native reserves 1939
Map: Land allocation following the Odendaal Commission Introduction
1. Beleaguered Knowledge: The Interwar Irrelevance of Anthropological Expertise
2. Post-World War II Ethnological Dispositions in a Disputed Territory
3. Performing for All the World to See: Bruwer and the Fashioning of Modern Namibia
4. From WHAM to Countermobilization
5. Bringing Bonn Back In
Conclusion. "Have We Met the Enemy and (S)He Is Us?"