Dinteria Nr. 23

Contributions to the Flora and Vegetation of Namibia
Strohbach, Ben J.
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Dinteria Nr. 23

Editor: Ben J. Strohbach
Publisher: Namibia Scientific Society
Windhoek, 1992
Soft-cover, 17x24 cm, 157 pages, some bw-illustrations


Proceedings of the "First National Workshop on Plant Genetic Resources" at the Rössing Country Club, Swakopmund - 19.-21.11.1991

- Preface
- Acknowledgments
- List of Participants

- Opening address: Namibian National Workshop on Plant Genetic Resources

- Keynote address: Plant Genetics in Namibia

- Conservation and utilization ofgermplasm in East and southern Africa: an overview

- The Role of National Plant Genetic Resources Centres (NPGRCs) in the SADCC Regional Gene Bank (SRGB) Programme

- FAO Global System for Conservation and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources

- Germplasm exploration and collection

- Documentation and use of data in genebank management

- Conservation of forage germplasm with an emphasis on application of tissue culture techniques in a genebank
Jean Hanson

- Utilization of plant genetic resources in crop breeding programmes

- Some guidelines for Plans of Action of National Plant Genetic Resources Centres

- Conservation of biodiversity in the SADCC countries - possibilities and needs
- Priority setting for a wild species collecting programme in Namibia

- The role of the National Herbarium of Namibia in the conservation of plant genetic resources

- Loss of genetic diversity due to veld degradation - a case study in the northern Kalahari, Grootfontein district

- Forestry germplasm in Namibia

- The role of ethnobotany and indigenous knowledge in conservation of plant genetic resources.

- In situ conservation in Namibia: the role of national parks and nature reserves

- The role of tissue culture in plant genetic resources

- The state of the Botany Department of the University of Namibia, and its potential role in plant genetic resources

- An outline of pearl millet research in Namibia

- Summary of workshop deliberations:

I. Statement of intent
II. Recommendations to be submitted to Government
III. National Policy Guidelines

Appendix: List of Acronyms