Creatures of habit. Understanding African animal behaviour

Creatures of Habit explaines the habit of Africa animals and helps to understand their behaviour.
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Book title: Creatures of habit. Understanding African animal behaviour
Authors: Peter Apps; Richard du Toit
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2006
ISBN 9781770073920 / ISBN 978-1-77007-392-0
Softcover, 27x27 cm, 160 pages, throughout illustrated


The behaviour of animals is as varied as the niches that they occupy. It is the interface between them and their environment, and between them and other animals - from the violent struggle of a lion pride pulling down a buffalo, to the delicate precision of a mouse collecting seeds. From the stern glance with which a dominant male baboon displaces a subordinate from a shady resting spot, to the horn-clashing battle of kudu bulls fighting for social rank and the access to females that it confers.

Some behaviours are universal; others appear only in animals of certain species, only in one of the sexes, or only in animals of a certain age. Yet others are triggered by rare and special sets of circumstances. The mysteries of mammal behaviour are manifold:

Why do lions hunt in prides while other cats hunt alone? Why do suricate sentinels risk their lives to watch over their foraging relatives? What is the function of play? Why do springbok pronk? Creatures of Habit - understanding African animal behaviour offers answers to these questions and many more, illustrated in text and photographs that reflect the author's and photographer's many years of opportunity and experience.