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Orania. A documentary film

Orania. A documentary film

Orania is a feature-length documentary film about an controversial experiment with cultural identity and self-determination in South Africa.

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Title: Orania
Director and camera: Tobias Lindner
Genre: Dokumentary Film
Production: Tobias Lindner; Sascha Supastrapong
Co-production: Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin
EAN 4250128411486
DVD, 94 minutes, Bildformat 16:9, Ländercode 0
Languages: English, Afrikaans, additional subtitles in English or German
Bonus features: Trailer, additional scenes, audio commentary


The Karoo town Orania is situated in South Africa's Northern Cape province. Its 800 inhabitants are Afrikaners, meaning Afrikaans speaking white descendents from European settlers in South Africa, which live there on private property which was bought from the Department of Water Affairs in 1991. People of other cultural or ethnical descent may not live or work here. The people of Orania refuse to be part of the ideal of a "Rainbow Nation" that cultural and political opinion leaders claim for South Africa to be. Crime, unemployment, corruption and social pressure make the inhabitants feel vulnerable in the rest of the country. So they stay by themselves, creating a "cultural homeland" to preserve their heritage. Some live here for this ideal, then some for opportunity and security and others without having a choice. Thus, Orania is a culturally homogeneous place in a historically multicultural country. By carefully observing its protagonists, the film explores some of the mechanisms behind this societal experiment and was premiered at Raindance Film Festival in London in September 2012.