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Getaway Guide to Namibia

Getaway Guide to Namibia

The Getaway Guide to Namibia is an up-to-date companion as you explore this remarkable country.

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Title: Getaway Guide to Namibia
Author: Mike Copeland
Type: Namibia Travel Guide
Imprint: Sunbird Publishers
Publisher: Jonathan Ball Publishers
3rd edition. Johannesburg, South Africa 2012
ISBN 9781920289362 / ISBN 978-1-920289-36-2
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 160 pages, throughout colour photos and maps


Many holiday destinations slip in and out of fashion, but Namibia is always popular. With its magnificent scenery, abundant wildlife, hot-water springs, rugged hiking and 4x4 trails, birding, fishing and hunting, it's no wonder that tourists keep returning, and with good roads and communications, it's easy to get around safely in this well-organised land of wide-open spaces. In fact, it's probably the wide-open spaces that attract visitors to the country. Instead of the long distances between towns being a drawback, the vast panoramas and empty horizons mesmerise you with their stark beauty.

Once you've visited the game parks, driven the 4x4 trails and fished the icy waters of the Atlantic, you'll be drawn back just to be there again, to experience the warm desert days and the cool, star-filled nights. Fortunately, as popular as the country is, there is no mass tourism. Namibia is an individual country for individual travellers, and it's relatively cheap too. Prices are charged in Namibian Dollars, not US Dollars. Food, drink, accommodation and fuel are widely available and the people are honest and friendly, all of which makes Namibia a pleasant and easy introduction to travelling on the continent of Africa.

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