Zambezi: The first solo journey down Africa's mighty river

An adventurous solo journey in a kayak down the mighty Zambezi River - 3000 kilometres in 100 days.
Boon, Mike
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Book title: Zambezi
Subtitle: The First Solo Journey down Africa's Mighty River
Author: Mike Boon
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, 2007
ISBN 9781770074842 / ISBN 978-1-77007-484-2
Hardcover, dustjacket, 18x25 cm, 192 pages, many colour photographs


When the stresses of a corporate environment got too much, Mike Boon decided to tackle the 3000 kilometres of the uncompromising Zambezi River, single-handedly, in a kayak. He was in for 100 days of paddling through war-torn countryside, boiling rapids and crocodile-infested waters, with the constant reminder that, when times got tough, he was in it alone. A man of contrasts, driven by lingering demons of his past and terrifying flashbacks, Mike embarked upon a process of reconciliation with himself, his continent and his world. Physically he was not unprepared for his adventure. An ex-airborne soldier and elite 'Pathfinder', he was vastly experienced in surviving in the harsh African bush. He had also done his homework: civil war in Angola, aggressive crocodiles, landmines in Mozambique, illnesses like malaria, hepatitis and dysentery, political instability in Zimbabwe, possible attacks from carnivores, and some of the biggest, most treacherous rapids in the world.