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Bushveld Banquets. A feast of Lowveld flavours

Bushveld Banquets. A feast of Lowveld flavours

Bushveld Banquets is a culinary safari and a feast of Lowveld flavours.
Robins, Myrna

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Author: Myrna Robins
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, 2006
ISBN: 9781770072886
Paperback, 23x21 cm, 176 pages, throughout colour photos


Bushveld Banquets is much more than a cookbook. It takes the reader on a culinary safari through one of the most exciting regions of Southern Africa, home to wilderness areas rich in wildlife.

At a series of Bushveld destinations, chefs tantalize the tastebuds with a selection of specialities, sharing over 60 recipes that range from sophisticated and contemporary to updated classics, from traditional bush fare to easy, irresistible ideas for every meal and occasion.

This book celebrates the Bushveld’s vibrant stretch of bush and reserve, orchard and forest, and acknowledges the efforts of contestants of the annual Bush Banquet, which raises funds for Southern Cross Schools and its community outreach programme.

It is a tribute to the founders and supporters of the world’s first ‘green’ school, tailor-made for its bush setting. Exhilarating Lowveld activities are also to be found in this colourful guide to the flavours of the Bushveld, lavishly illustrated with more than 260 photographs and a detailed map of the region.