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Messum Crater 4x4 Trail

Messum Crater 4x4 Trail

A plain guide to 4x4 trails and sightseeings of the Messum Crater in Namibia.
Henties Bay Tourism, Namibia (ed.)

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Book title: Messum Crater 4x4 Trail
Editor: Henties Bay Tourism, Namibia
Henties Bay, no date
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 16 pages, some colour photos, 1 map sketch


This is a plain guide booklet to 4x4 routes and sight seeings of the region of the Messum Crater. The following text is an extract:

This trail offers some of the most fascinating natural phenomena of the Namib Desert, which are in many cases overlooked by the uninformed traveller. Vast lichen areas with a wide variety of foliose and crustose lichens will be encountered on the route.

Foliose lichens have aerial parts, standing up off the soil surface while crustose lichens lie flat on rocks or the gypsum soil crust. These plants are completely sustained by fog and humid air and occur as far inland as the fog-belt stretches. The Welwitschia mirabilis grows in abundance in the area and some of the best specimens can be found amongst the hills of the Messum Crater.

The Messum Crater, which is over 20 km in diameter, was one of the volcanoes of the Etendeka period, about 133 million years ago and is of enormous geological value. Breathtaking views are created by a stark lunar landscape with light sandy surfaces against glistening black volcanic rock. […]