Beer Country's Pots, Pans and Potjies

A great recipe and cookbook, Beer Country’s Pots, Pans & Potjie introduces to cast-iron cooking South African style.
Gilowey, Greg; Tessendorf, Karl
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Title: Beer Country's Pots, Pans and Potjies
Authors: Greg Gilowey; Karl Tessendorf
Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa
Imprint: Penguin Books
Cape Town, South Africa 2022
ISBN 9781432310868 / ISBN 978-1-43-231086-8
Softcover, 20 x 25 cm, 207 pages, throughout colour photos

About: Beer Country’s Pots, Pans & Potjie

A potjie sets a delicious goal for friends and family to come together and work towards over the course of the day. The preparation of ingredients and the fire, the building of flavour layers and watching the potjie whisper away are the steps required for a great potjie day, and the best part is that you get to do it while chatting and laughing with a beer in hand. Potjie teaches us to take a break, slow down and enjoy the ride. The cookbook Beer Country's Pots, Pans and Potjies is an accumulation of all the lessons, recipes, laughs and great chow we've made over the years. It's about how we like to cook with cast iron and how we like to potjie, and how to get the best out of the tough black cast iron stuff.

Content: Beer Country’s Pots, Pans & Potjie

Who is Beer Country?
This is Greg
This is Karl
Beer Country Legends
Cast-Iron Legacy

Cast Iron Past and Present
A Brief History of Potjiekos
Potjie Potato, Potjie Patato
The Cast-Iron Coaly Trinity
A Great Potjie Gathering
Anatomy of a Potjie
Cast-iron Cooking
On Ingredients and Trusting
your Potjie Gut
Our Potjie Master Method
Hacking your Potjie
Braaied Stocks
Sexy Serving Additions
What Makes a Potjie Legendary
Barley, Hops and Pots
Potjie, Braai and Beer Pairing
Baking on the Braai
The Cast-Iron Kingdom

Rusty Potjie Rescue
Cast-iron Care
Cast-Iron Dos and Don'ts
Recipe index
Thank you