A Photographic Guide to Birds of Southern Africa

A Photographic Guide to Birds of Southern Africa is a ideal pocket-sized birder's companion.
Sinclair, Ian
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Title: A Photographic Guide to Birds of Southern Africa
Author: Ian Sinclair
Struik Publishers
4th edition. Cape Town, South Africa 2004
ISBN 9781770070837 / ISBN 978-1-77007-083-7
Softcover, 10x19 cm, 144 pages, throughout colour photos



This book has been designed with clarity and ease of use in mind. The species' descriptions are succinct, with key identification pointers emphasized in italic type. Where necessary, photographs show both male and female to highlight plumage differences, and illustrate breeding and non-breeding dress, as well as adult and immature birds. The length of the bird is given, except in the case of the Ostrich whose measurement indicates its height. The call is mentioned only if it is characteristic of the bird.

In each case, an up-to-date map has been provided to reflect the known distribution of the species. Birds that are similar in size, shape and colour - and are thus likely to be confused - are grouped for purposes of comparison. The thumbnail silhouettes are intended to guide you to the family of birds most closely resembling the bird you have seen, as you flick through the book. A habitat map showing the various vegetation zones mentioned in the text, a glossary of birding terms, as well as a diagram showing the parts of a bird, are featured.

• Compact easy-to-use format; the ideal pocket-size travelling companion
• Authoritative text describing key identification features
• 360 full-colour photographs illustrating each of the 265 species
• Thumbnail outlines of each family group enabling quick identification