A Photographic Guide to Birds of Namibia

This photographic guide is a compact, easy-to-use guide to the most common birds of Namibia.
Sinclair, Ian; Sinclair, Jackie
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Title: A photographic guide to birds of Namibia
Authors: Ian Sinclair; Jackie Sinclair
Struik Publishers
2nd edition, Cape Town / South Africa 2002
ISBN 9781868727643 / ISBN 978-1-86872-764-3
Softcover, 10 x 19 cm, 144 pages, throughout colour photos


A photographic guide to birds of Namibia, a pocket-sized book, has been designed primarily for use in the field. The photographs have been chosen to show the birds' most obvious identifying features. Where there is a marked difference, for example, between the sexes, or between breeding and non-breeding plumage, more than one photograph has been included. An up-to-date, colour, distribution map accompanies each species entry. Each bird is ascribed both its English and scientific names and its Roberts' number (Maclean, 1994). The text is brief and to the point and the italicized phrases highlight the diagnostic features; knowing the most obvious field characters of a bird aids quick identification. Birds that are similar in size or have similar colouring, and are likely to be confused, are grouped for purposes of comparison. The call of a species is mentioned in the text if it is characteristic of the bird. The habitat in which a bird is likely to occur often reveals its identity. A full-colour habitat map, showing the major vegetation zones within the region, appears. An index of common names concludes this easy-to-use guide.