4x4 African Adventure

African Adventure comprehensive coverage will ensure that the 4x4 trip is free from bad surprises.
Baker, Peter C.
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Book title: 4x4 African Adventure
Author: Peter C. Baker
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, 2002
ISBN 9781868727841
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 224 pages, many colour photos


This book's comprehensive coverage - the itinerary, the countries and their peoples, clothing, communications, equipment, cleaning and catering, the 4x4 itself, navigation, health and medicine, and documentation - will ensure that the trip is free from unpleasant surprises.


Being African comes naturally to about 99.5% of the people who carry the tag. For a high proportion of the remaining few million, mainly pale Africans clustered round the southern tip, being African as an art. Not everybody is an artist. Oh, the mumbling and the moaning that rends the air, the fretting and the angst!

A degree of anxiety is not entirely out of line, to be fair. There are valid questions about where Africa is going and who is on board. But there are also joys and rewards - vast joys and immense rewards - to those who care to detect them.

Which is why the Peter Bakers of the world were invented. Peter arrives in Africa, looks around, and exhilarates. All that mystery to be explored. All those back roads and semi roads and semi-demi roads and I'm-sure-this-might-once-have-maybe-been-a-road roads.

Peter acquires a 4x4, as is the fashion in the leafy quarter of Johannesburg where he runs a veterinary practice. He then, as is by no means the fashion, puts his 4x4 to severe test. [...]

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