1001 Ideas for Patios and Decks

Find inspiration in hundreds of stunning photographs taken in a wide range of settings
Martin, Brett
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1001 Ideas for Patios and Decks

Author: Brett Martin
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, 2008
ISBN: 9781770076310
Soft cover, 22x28 cm, 240 pages, throughout colour photos


Whether your ideal outdoor space is a multi-level deck with a built-in hot tub or a secluded patio surrounded by nature, find inspiration in hundreds of stunning photographs taken in a wide range of settings.

1001 Ideas for Patios and Decks is a beautifully illustrated, comprehensive guide that looks at all the issues involved in creating the ideal outdoor area for your home, including style, cost and maintenance, and helps you to achieve the best look.

With expert advice on design, materials, maintenance and accessories, it will help you make informed, professional choices for your home and your budget.


Designing Decks
Planning Patios
Deck Materials
Patio mterials
Practical Checklist
Resource Guide

About the Author:

Brett Martin is a writer who has been covering home improvement and remodelling for over 10 years. He has written for many home improvement magazines and contributed material towards several books.

Prior to his career in writing, Martin worked in concrete construction, home remodelling and new home building.


Creating outdoor living space is more popular than ever, and for good reason. We all want a place to relax outside with family and friends, soak up the sun and experience nature. Decks and patios provide all that and more.

They transform your outdoor area into a functional, attractive space that lets you feel just as much at home outside as you do inside.

Decks and patios blur the lines between the indoors and the outdoors. Decks offer a place to sit down and socialise outside, yet they still serve as part of the house. Patios located in front of entry doors welcome guests and visitors by softening the transition from the outside space into the house. Decks and patios can be located in the garden, offering a secluded area away from the house.

By extending your living area, decks and patios make your home feel more spacious. They are essentially outdoor rooms and can offer similar amenities to other rooms in the house. You might cook on a full-service kitchen complete with dining area, soak in a hot tub, or unwind and enjoy a nap in the sun.

A deck or patio can be added to any home, and existing decks and patios can be upgraded or accessorised to meet your needs. They can complement your house and garden, or they can become the focal point of your outdoor space. There's almost no limit to what you can do or add to decks and patios.

This book shows the range of possibilities for beautiful decks and patios for any home, garden or landscape. It provides comprehensive ideas for planning, beautifying and enhancing your outdoor space. The following chapters cover everything from expansive dream decks and patios to practical projects that can make your outdoor space more functional. Whether you have a compact plot, a roof-top terrace, or wide open space, you'll find proven ideas that will meet your needs.

Features such as barbecue areas, attractive arbors and lighting are described and illustrated in detail, as are ideas for adding pathways, plant life and overhead shade structures. Expert advice for choosing patterns, materials and colours is also offered.

We live in a staggering range of climates, have diverse lifestyles and differ in our tastes. Budget considerations vary from household to household. In the end, just as your home's interior reflects your individual personality, your outdoor space will also be unique to you.