Mit dem Thema Südafrika Insekten bieten wir auch Bücher üher die eigenen Gattung der Spinnen und Skorpione an.

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Nature Unpacked: The traveller's ultimate bush guide to Southern Africa

Nature Unpacked is the ultimate travelling companion for those visiting the southern African bush. Mehr erfahren
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Scorpions of Southern Africa

This edition of Scorpions of Southern Africa has been freshly designed, updated and expanded. Mehr erfahren
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19,95 € *

Find 50 in the Game Reserve: Have fun exploring Southern Africa

Find 50 wild animals and birds as you venture out on your next trip, exploring one of the game reserves of Southern Africa. Mehr erfahren
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4,80 € *

African Wildlife Quiz Book

The African Wildlife Quiz Book is packed with quizzes, crosswords, word searches, brainteasers and interesting facts. Mehr erfahren
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8,90 € *

Insects of South Africa (Pocket Guide)

The Pocket Guide to Insects of South Africa features some 431 insects species. Mehr erfahren
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12,50 € *

First Field Guide to Animal Tracks of Southern Africa

This First Field Guide helps interpreting animal tracks to indentify the Southern African animals that have passed through an area. Mehr erfahren
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6,50 € *

My first book of Southern African insects

My First Book of Southern African Insects presents 58 of the most common, intriguing and beautiful species. Mehr erfahren
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12,50 € *

My first book of Southern African creepy-crawlies

My first book of Southern African creepy-crawlies covers 58 spiders, snails, millipedes and other creatures, excluding insects. Mehr erfahren
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12,50 € *

A guide to the dragonflies and damselflies of South Africa

This field guide to the dragonflies and damselflies of South Africa covers all species known to occur in the region. Mehr erfahren
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19,95 € *

Freshwater Life: A field guide to the plants and animals of southern Africa

Freshwater life, the first illustrated field guide of its kind for the wider southern African region, describes a vast range of plant and animal groups. Mehr erfahren
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19,95 € *

Biodiversity in southern Africa

Biodiversity in southern Africa introduces to results of 10 years of joint research by South African, Namibian, and German institutions within the project “BIOTA Southern Africa. Mehr erfahren
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75,00 € *

Remarkable insects of South Africa

Remarkable Insects of South Africa features many unique never before published photographs. Mehr erfahren
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24,80 € *

Pocket Guide: Butterflies of South Africa

This pocket guide offers concise text describing the habits, favoured habitat and early life stages of butterflies of South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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12,80 € *

On Track: Quick ID Guide to Southern and East African Animal Tracks

On Track is a quick identification guide to tracks of Southern and East African most commonly found mammals, reptiles, rodents, birds and insects. Mehr erfahren
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7,80 € *

A Field Guide to the Tracks & Signs of Southern, Central and East African Wildlife

Latest edition of A Field Guide to the Tracks & Signs of Southern, Central and East African Wildlife. Mehr erfahren
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34,80 € *

What's that Butterfly?

What's that Butterfly? introduces the novice to a selection of the more than 660 species of butterfly in South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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19,95 € *

Alien & Invasive Animals: A South African Perspective

Alien & Invasive Animals is the first book to be published on alien animals from the South African perspective. Mehr erfahren
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19,95 € *

Filmer's Spiders. An Identification Guide For Southern Africa

Filmer's Spiders Identification Guide For Southern Africa features all 63 families of spider that occur in this region. Mehr erfahren
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17,80 € *

Ecoguide Fynbos

This ecoguide introduces 400 wildflowers and birds, insects, spiders, reptiles and mammals in their environment in the Fynbos region of South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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29,95 € *

First Field Guide to Insects of Southern Africa

These little guides are an invaluable resource for beginners Mehr erfahren
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6,50 € *

First Field Guide to Butterflies and Moths of Southern Africa

First Field Guide to Butterflies and Moths of Southern Africa introduces to the more common moth and butterfly groups that occur in the southern African region. Mehr erfahren
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6,50 € *

Field Guide to Butterflies of South Africa

For easy identification in the field this comprehencive field guide features all of South Africa’s more than 660 butterfly species. Mehr erfahren
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35,50 € *

Spiders of Southern Africa

The guide Spiders of Southern Africa gives a sharp insight into a complex, often mysterious and always fascinating world of arachnids. Mehr erfahren
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22,50 € *

Fauna und Flora im südlichen Afrika

Fauna und Flora im südlichen Afrika ist das erste Handbuch, das die Pflanzen und Tiere aller Art in einem leicht zu handhabenden Band verbindet. Mehr erfahren
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