German Africana, by Otto Spohr

German Africana, by Otto Spohr. Bibliographies No. 14. The State Libary / Die Staatsbiblioteek. Pretoria, South Africa 1968

German Africana, by Otto Spohr. Bibliographies No. 14. The State Libary / Die Staatsbiblioteek. Pretoria, South Africa 1968

The following text is taken from the foreword and the preface to the bibliography German Africana, by Otto Spohr.


This bibliography, which will doubtless prove to be a valuable addition to sources of German Africana, has been conjpiled by Dr. O.H. Spohr and his assistant in their free time and without remuneration. Apart from its usefulness as a subject bibliography, it is greatly enhanced by the fact that holdings of South African libraries are given. This type of bibliography not only facilitates inter-library loans, but also provides a means whereby Africana libraries may close gaps in their collections. It is hoped that similar bibliographies in other subject fields will appear in the course of time, and to the benefit of the proposed national subject specialization scheme. (H. J. Aschenborn (Director of The State Library in Pretoria)


This bibliography has a two-fold purpose. It is an attempt to list all publications in German on South and South-West Africa and to indicate which libraries in the Republic of South Africa have copies of the publications listed. Entries were obtained from the bibliographies listed on pages ii - iv, and for the most part, were taken over as cited. The state Library, Pretoria, checked all book entries against the Joint Catalogue of Books in South African Libraries, while the compiler checked the catalogue of the Strange Collection of the Johannesburg Public Library. With the exception of rare reprints, locations for periodicals are not given as it is assumed that most libraries using this bibliography will have copies of PISAL (Periodicals in South African Libraries), the South African joint catalogue of periodicals which is compiled by the library of the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (C.S.LR.) P.O. Box 395, Pretoria.

Arrangement and Indexes

Entries have been arranged in one alphabetical sequence by author, or in the case of anonymous works by title, as the majority of libraries have alphabetical author catalogues. It was therefore essential to provide detailed catchword indexes. For easy consultation South-West Africa entries and predominantly South Africa entries appear in seperate indexes. Some entries appear in both these indexes. Personal names, joint authors, etc. appear in a separate index. The compiler is fully aware of the fact that this bibliography is far from complete. Supplements will however be issued as further relevant bibliographies and catalogues become available. My thanks are due to Dr. H. J. Aschenborn, Director of the State Library, for supporting the idea of this bibliography, and to his staff for assistance in checking entries against the Joint Catalogue. The State Library has further helped by providing financial assistance for photocopies and secretarial assistants, and is responsible for publishing the bibliography.

This is an excerpt from German Africana, by Otto Spohr.

Title: German Africana
Subtitle: German publications on South- and South West Africa
Compilation: Otto H. Spohr
Series: Bibliographies No. 14
Publisher: The State Libary / Die Staatsbiblioteek
Pretoria, South Africa 1968
Original hardcover, 18 x 23 cm, 331 pages

Spohr, Otto H. im Namibiana-Buchangebot

German Africana

German Africana

German Africana features all books in German language on South Africa and South West Africa until 1967.