South African Flag Book. The History of South African Flags. Table of content, by A. P. Burgers

South African Flag Book. The History of South African Flags. Table of content, by A. P. Burgers.

South African Flag Book. The History of South African Flags. Table of content, by A. P. Burgers.

South African Flag Book is the second book by A. P. Burgers on the history of South African flags and, at present, is the most comprehencive. This is the table of content that shows the rich variety of this outstanding book.

Andries P. Burgers  

Table of content:

Author's preface

Part One: Vexillology, the science of flags

Chapter 1: The historical development of flags
Flags in earlier times
Flags in the West
The Arab influence
Heraldry and saints
Development of the national flag
The modern national flag

Chapter 2: The science of flags
The spread of vexillology
Dictionary of Vexillology
What is the definition of a flag?
jVexillology as a science
Protocols for recording data about flags
Protocol for the Identification of Flag Specimens (PIFS)
Generic Flag Identification Protocol (GENFIP)

Chapter 3: The design and registration of flags
Heraldic traditions
Considerations for flag design
Registration of flags and heraldic designs in South Africa

Part Two: The flag history of South Africa

Chapter 4: Sovereign flags over South Africa before 1900
The Age of Discovery
Dutch settlement at the Cape
The British arrive at the Cape
Voortrekker flags
Flags of the major Boer Republics
Flags of the minor Boer Republics
Was there a flag for Zululand?

Chapter 5: Sovereign South African flags of the twentieth century
The four colonies
The Union of South Africa
Establishment of the Republic of South Africa
The New South Africa

Chapter 6: The flags and ensigns of the armed forces of South Africa from 1912-2004
Origins of the military forces of united South Africa
Colours, emblems and charges
The Union Defence Force and South African Defence Force flags
Ensigns of the South African Army
Ensigns of the South African Air Force
Ensigns and flags of the South African Navy
Ensign of the South African Medical Service
Military flags and ensigns after 1994
Further changes to the flags of the SANDF
New emblems of the SANDF 2003
Ensigns of the SANDF 2003
The non-military armed forces
The South African Police Service
The South African Correctional Services
The South African Railways Police

Chapter 7: Important non-sovereign and political flags of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
Non-sovereign flags
Political flags in South Africa in the twentieth century
Flags and emblems of some of the white political parties
The role of black political parties and movements

Chapter 8: Flags used by the Boer Forces during the Second Anglo-Boer War 2
Use of flags by the Boer forces
Unity flags of the Boer Republics
Flags of the Orange Free State Commandos
Flags of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek Commandos
Foreign volunteers in the Boer forces
Flags of the First Irish Volunteer Brigade
Flags of the Second Irish Volunteer Brigade
Orange Free State presentation flags
Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek command and presentation flags
Various unclassified flags

Part Three: The national flag of South Africa

Chapter 9: The origin and design of the national flag of South AfricaIntroduction
Human Sciences Research Council investigation
Commission on National Symbols
The final choice

Chapter 10: The national flag, the law and the rules of respect
The role of the national flag
The national flag and the constitution
Instructions regarding the flying of the national flag
Official rules of respect
General rules of respect
Traditional rules of respect
Displaying the national flag indoors
Displaying the national flag with foreign national flags
Displaying the national flag in company with any other flags
Use of the national flag at funerals
Respect for foreign flags
The legal position with respect to the commercial use of the national flag
Construction details of the national flag

Part four: Other flags of importance to South Africa

Chapter 11: Rank and miscellaneous flags of the SANDFSouth African Army
Air Force rank flags
Naval rank flags
Miscellaneous flags and pennants used in the South African Navy

Chapter 12: Flags of South Africa's neighbours in southern Africa
The Portuguese influence in southern Africa
British colonial influence in South Central Africa
British Protectorates in southern Africa

Chapter 13: Flags of international organisations
International interstate organisations
International service organisations

Chapter 14: Vexillological organisations
International organisation (FIAV)
Southern African Vexillological Association
Flags on the Internet
List of sources

This is the table of content from the book: South African Flag Book. The History of South African Flags, by A. P. Burgers.

Book title: South African Flag Book
Subtitle: The History of South African Flags
Author: A. P. Burgers
Publisher: Protea Boekhuis
Pretoria, South Africa 2008
ISBN 9781869191122 / ISBN 978-1-86919-112-2
Hardcover, 17 x 24 cm, 442 pages, throughout illustrated, English

Burgers, A. P. im Namibiana-Buchangebot

South African Flag Book: The History of South African Flags

South African Flag Book: The History of South African Flags

The first ever of its kind this fine book deals with the rich history of flags in South Africa.

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