Three Lions from the Land of the Brave

Three Lions from the Land of the Brave introduces to Namibian professional boxing and its most successful boxers.
Schütz, Helge
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Title: Three Lions from the Land of the Brave
Author: Helge Schütz
Publisher: Helge Schütz
Namibia, 2018
ISBN 9789994587124
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 228 pages, several colour photos

About: Three Lions from the Land of the Brave

Author, sport journalist and photographer Helge Schütz has spent many hours interviewing Namibian boxing ledgends Paulus Moses, Paulus Ambunda, Julius Indongo and Nestor Tobias, a new generation following Harry Simon, who was Namibia's first world champion in 1998. Paulus Moses became a world champion in 2009, while Paulus 'The Rock' Ambunda became world champion in 2013. On 3 December 2013 Immanuel Naidjala also got a world title shot, but unfortunately lost to Tomoki Kameda of Japan, but then, exactly three years later, Julius Indongo stunned the world when he knocked out Eduard Troyanovsky after only 40 seconds to become Namibia's fourth world champion. By then the idea of writing about these Namibian world champions had taken hold and when Julius Indongo obliged by becoming a world champion Helge Schütz felt compelled to embark on this project. Three Lions from the Land of the Brave follows the careers of Moses, Ambunda and Indongo, from their amateur days, through to the professional ranks and their steady rise up the rankings, from national champions to continental and intercontinental champions, and finally world champions. This book also looks at the advent of professional boxing in Namibia, the crucial role that promoter Nestor Tobias played, as well as the many other Namibian boxers who have excelled at continental and international level. For a nation of only about 2,5 million people, Namibia has excelled at boxing and these men have all left a lasting legacy, making Namibia a giant among boxing nations in the world.

Content: Three Lions from the Land of the Brave

Brewing under the surface Turning Pro
Ambunda reaches his dream
The Real Deal
Against the odds
The Silent Assassin
The world title goes vacant
Champion of the world
The Rise of the Rock
Miguel Acosta enters the stage
The Rock moves up the rankings
The Hitman on the comeback trail
The Blue Machine revs up
Return of the Rock
Ambunda confounds the experts
The Hitman's revival unravels
Blue Machine goes into overdrive
The Rock makes history
A shake-up in the rankings
The punch that shook the world
A Mega Fight takes shape
The resurrection of Paulus Moses
A split in the ranks
The Hitman turns back the clock Bibliography
Appendix I Boxing record of Paulus Moses
Appenix II Boxing record of Paulus Ambunda
Appendix III Boxing record of Julius Indongo
Appendix IV Namibia's International Boxing Champions