The South African Diabetes Cookbook

By following the guidelines of The South African Diabetes Cookbook, it is possible to enjoy interesting and often spicy foods and desserts.
Jeffrey, Amanda; Marx, La-Rentia
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Title: The South African Diabetes Cookbook
Author: Amanda Jeffrey; La-Rentia Marx
Imprint: Lifestyle
Publisher: Random House Struik
Cape Town, south Africa 2007
ISBN 9781770073654 / ISBN 978-1-77007-365-4
Softcover, 20x25 cm, 144 pages, throughout colour photos


Diabetes! To many people the very word strikes terror, often because of the perception that they have been handed down a 'life sentence' in terms of diet. But there is good news; living with diabetes can be an exciting and wholesome adventure leading to a longer and healthier life. Amanda Jeffrey and La-Rentia Marx provide the tools for you to make tasty, uncomplicated dishes that will stimulate your culinary creativity. By following a few basic dietary guidelines, you will see that it is possible to enjoy interesting and often spicy foods, desserts and, yes, even pizza. Nutritional information is provided to ensure that each recipe and meal will allow you to achieve a slow glucose release and a correct blood sugar balance.


Types of Diabetes
Living with Diabetes
Breakfasts and Brunches
Soups and ‘Lite’ Lunches
Pasta and Other Starches
Fish Dishes
Chicken Dishes
Meat Dishes
Side Salads and Vegetables Desserts
Snacks and Breads