The Silent War. South African Recce operations 1969 to 1994

The Silent War. South African Recce operations 1969 to 1994 ist eines der ausführlichsten Werke über geheime Auslandseinsätze südafrikanischer Spezialeinheiten.
Stiff, Peter
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Author: Peter Stiff
Publisher: Galago
Cape Town, 2009
ISBN 1-919-854-045
ISBN-13: 9781919854045
Softcover, 17x24 cm, 608 pages, many bw- and colour photos

The Silent War ist eines der ergiebigsten Bücher über die Auslandseinsätze südafrikanischer Spezialeinheiten im afrikanischen Ausland.


South African Recce operations 1969 to 1994: This formidable book tells the story of South Africa’s special forces the history of South Africa itself during the apartheid years.

It illuminates special forces and not only does it deal with military operations but also explains the political dynamics that prompted them.

It covers the first counter-insurgency operations in Namibia in 1966, a commando raid on Dare-es-Salaam, the Fox Street Siege and South Africa’s intervention into Angola in 1975.

Also the rise of insurgency in Mozambique, South Africa’s re-entry into Angola, strikes against SWAPO bases in Zambia, the training and assistance to UNITA, the fight against ZANLA and ZIPRA in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and how the Recces staffed Rhodesia’s ‘D’ Squadron SAS.

It describes the fall of Rhodesia, how the SAS and Selous Scouts were reformed as Recce units in South Africa, the selection and training of special forces, the raid against the ANC at Matola, South African assistance to RENAMO and Recce operations in Moçambique, Lesotho, Cabinda, Botswana and Zambia.

It also deals in detail with the final days of apartheid South Africa and explains how close the country was to a right-wing coup d’etat.