The Rock Paintings of the Upper Brandberg, Vol IV

In the study The Rock Paintings of the Upper Brandberg, Vol IV , the focus is on the Umuab and Karoab Gorges.
Pager, Harald
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Book title: The Rock Paintings of the Upper Brandberg
Subtitle: Umuab and Karoab Gorge
Author: Harald Pager
Text and concept: Tilman Lenssen-Erz
Editor: Rudolph Kuper
Series: Monographs on African Archaeology and Environment
Publisher: Heinrich-Barth-Institute
Köln, 1998
Hardcover, 25x35 cm, 639 pages, thereof 382 rockpaintings, 8 colour plates, numerous tabellas, scetches and maps, 10 folded plates


Ugab Rivier with its big trees and reliable vegetation cover which indicate that the water table is relatively high and stable here. Moreover, it provides an access route from the inner parts of Damaraland right up to the coast, although in the lower parts of the rivier the vegetation becomes more scarce. Both Umuab and Karoab gorges share a good number of attributes and do not differ drastically in extent, number of rock art sites or accessibilty.

Moreover, both provide access routes to the inner parts of the mountain and were probably not only used as places in which to live but also as areas through which to travel. The density of rock art sites here and the quality of the depictions show that this area was never neglected either by the painter people or in other phases of its prehistory, despite this apparently being suspected by the first Europeans who came to know this area albeit superficially. (...)

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