A Diplomat's Story. Apartheid and Beyond 1969-1998

A Diplomat's Story is about serving with the Department of Foreign Affairs of South Africa in times of Apartheid and beyond.
Wolvaardt, Pieter
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Author: Pieter Wolvaardt
Publisher: Galago
Cape Town, 2005
ISBN 1-919854-15-0
ISBN 9781919854150
Softcover, 17x24 cm, 336 pages, numerous photos

Die bewegte Laufbahn von Pieter Wolvaardt als Diplomat und Botschafter Südafrikas in Europa und Südamerika. Schwierige Missionen im Widerstreit zwischen Auftrag und Gewissen.


Pieter Wolvaardt joined the Department of South African Foreign Affairs in 1969 and served as a junior diplomat in Brazil from until 1973.

He went through the thick of the apartheid days when the world ignored South Africa and most countries cut ties, officially defending the indefensible but all the time knowing that apartheid was wrong.

After spells in London and Lisbon he returned to Pretoria on the South American desk just when the Falklands War between Great Britain and the Argentine begun in 1982.

A time, when South Africa was performing a balancing act between those two countries and going through all manner of difficulties in the process.

In 1986 while serving as ambassador in Buenos Aires he was expelled from the country after the SADF conducted raids against ANC installations in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

From 1986 to 1990 he was in Brazil and in 1993 he accompanied President F W de Klerk on official visits.

In 1994 President Nelson Mandela appointed him as South Africa’s first Ambassador to Mexico. He retired after a successful career with the Department of Foreign Affairs in 1998.