Mammals of the Kruger National Park and surrounding Bushveld

This is a easy-to-use guidebook to mammals of Kruger National Park and surrounding Bushveld including information on skulls, spoors and droppings.
Roodt, Veronica
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Title: Mammals of the Kruger National Park and surrounding Bushveld
Author: Veronica Roodt
Veronica Roodt Publications
Hartbeespoort, South Africa 2013
ISBN 9780986992605 / ISBN 978-0-9869926-0-5
Softcover, 17 x 24 cm, 96 pages, throughout colour photos and images


Photographs: There is at least one photograph of each animal, but often two (male and female). Photographs of the droppings and skull and a sketch of the spoor is provided for each animal. The droppings were photographed with a match for scale and the spoor is provided with measurements. The skulls were photographed at the Ditsong National Museum for Natural History, Pretoria. There is a brief explanation of the different skull components.

Distribution maps: Distribution maps for the Southern African sub-region accompany each animal. This will make the book useful in other areas as well.

Names in other languages: The common names are provided in English, Afrikaans, German, French, Spanish and Italian with only a few exceptions. The basic information on weight, gestation, habitat, food, social structure, etc., is provided in a separate block for each animal. The dental formula is also included and the formula is explained.

'Did you know?': The 'Did you know?' section contains additional interesting facts about the animal.

Colour codes: The book is colour-coded for quick reference and the colour codes are indicated in the contents for cross reference. The book is divided into six major groups - the non-ruminants, the ruminants, the carnivores, the non-carnivorous small mammals, the rodents and shrews and lastly, the bats.

Introduction before each group: At the beginning of each section there is information about the group and a visual diagram of the orders, suborders, families and sub-families within the group.