Ecoguide Fynbos

This ecoguide introduces 400 wildflowers and birds, insects, spiders, reptiles and mammals in their environment in the Fynbos region of South Africa.
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Title: Ecoguide Fynbos
Authors: John Manning; Colin Paterson-Jones
Publisher: Briza Publications
Pretoria, South Afrika 2007
ISBN 9781875093663 / ISBN 978-1-875093-66-3
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 184 pages, throughout colour photos, distribution maps


A climate with dry summers, the broken landscape of the Cape, and the sandy soils resulting from the weathering of the sandstone and quartzite rocks exposed on the Cape mountains, have been largely responsible for the evolution of the wealth of fynbos plants we see around us today. These plants are adapted to thrive on the exceptionally poor soils of the mountains, to withstand summer drought, and to respond to the periodic fires that are a natural part of their environment. Fynbos is the natural plant cover of about 50% of the extent of the Cape Floral Region, with other vegetation types distributed on the rest. In the main section of this Ecoguide Fynbos, more than 400 fynbos flowers, shrubs and trees are illustrated and described, with information on the plant's common and scientific names, habitat, distribution map, flowering times and local uses. Introductory chapters provide a background to the geology and vegetation types of the Cape Floral Region and offer a glimpse of the birds, insects, spiders, reptiles and mammals that make their home here.

Content: Ecoguide Fynbos

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