The life and work of Charles Bell

A spledid introduciton to the life and work of artist, land surveyor and designer Charles Bell in 19th-century Cape Town.
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Author: Phillida Brooke Simons
Publisher: Fernwood Press
Cape Town, 1998
ISBN: 9781874950349
Hardcover, dustjacket, 28x25 cm, 176 pages, throughtout photos and illustrations

Charles Bell war ein talentierter Künstler, Landvermesser und Designer im Kapstadt des 19. Jahrhunderts und leistete zahlreiche Beiträge zur Kunst uns zu Sozial- und Wirtschaftsfragen im damaligen Südafrika.


Charles Davidson Bell – artist, land surveyor, designer of stamps, medals and silverware – was an interesting man of many and varied talents.

His contribution to the aesthetic, social and commercial life of 19th-century Cape Town was enormous, yet for a hundred years after his death very little was known about him.

The return of much of his oeuvre from England to Cape Town in 1978 has enabled historians and art historians to appreciate much of his work, and this publication reveals even more to the world at large.

Meticulously researched text is complemented by some 130 of Bell's most appealing sketches and paintings, many of which reveal his quirky sense of humour.

The artist's sensitive depictions of the heterogeneous population of Cape Town and of the indigenous people he encountered on his expedition to the Tropic of Capricorn provide a valuable record of life in 19th-century South Africa.

An in-depth appraisal of Bell's diverse creations by Professor Michael Godby completes this portrayal of a remarkable man. (Michael Godby: The Art of Charles Bell: An appraisal)