Pocket Guide: Butterflies of South Africa

This pocket guide offers concise text describing the habits, favoured habitat and early life stages of butterflies of South Africa.
Woodhall, Steve
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Title: Pocket Guide: Butterflies of South Africa
Author: Steve Woodhall
Publisher: Randomhouse Struik
Imprint: Nature
Cape Town, South Africa 2013
ISBN 9781920572471 / ISBN 978-1-920572-47-1
Softcover, 11 x 18 cm, 152 pages, numerous colour photos and maps

About: Pocket Guide: Butterflies of South Africa

This pocket-sized guide is designed to help you identify common butterflies of South Africa in the field. The more difficult groups are not covered comprehensively, but you should be able to narrow down the subfamily to which a given butterfly belongs so that you can later refer to a fuller reference to establish the species. It may be helpful to page through the book at your leisure, familiarising yourself with the various types of butterfly. When in the field, use the book along with this six-point identification checklist to help you identify a specimen:

• How big is it (In relation to those butterflies you already know)
• What shape are its wings and what is its resting posture?
• What is its overall colour?
• What kind of markings does it have?
• How is it behaving? What is its 'jizz'?

Content: Pocket Guide. Butterflies of South Africa

What is a butterfly?
Butterfly anatomy
Butterfly early stages
Butterfly diversity
Where to find butterflies
Recognising butterflies
Features of the book
Species accounts
Index to scientific names
Index to Afrikaans common names
Index to English common names