Skeleton Coast

Experiencing the strange beauties of the Skeleton Coast through the visual feast presented in this magnificent book.
Schoeman, Amy
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Title: Skeleton Coast
Author: Amy Schoeman
Imprint: Protea Boekhuis
Pretoria, South Africa 2012
ISBN 9781869194246 / ISBN 978-1-86919-424-6
Hardcover, dustjacket, 27 x 26 cm, 206 pages, throughout colour photographes

About: Skeleton Coast

Originally published in 1984 and reprinted seven times, this magnificent book has been updated, imaginatively redesigned, and republished in an artistically modernised format. With the proclamation of the Namib-Skeleton Coast National Park imminent, this new edition of Amy Schoeman's Skeleton Coast could not come at a more opportune time. This revised and enlarged edition will enthral professionals and laymen alike, and with its modern and minimalistic design, should also appeal to art lovers. As such it is worthy of a permanent home in every educational library and on the shelves of Namibia aficionados.

Content: Skeleton Coast

Introduction: fragile and ecologically vulnerable
The geology: forces that shaped the desert profile
The climate: conditions that create a unique ecosystem
The plants: evolved to survive in a desert environment
The river courses: lifelines of the desert
The fauna: adapted to a desert habitat
Early explorers: lured by the unknown
The wrecks: when the elements prevail
Aircraft and other mishaps: when technology fails
Prospectors, miners and fortune hunters: the lure maximal, the yield minimal
Political history and development: the creation of a desert park
Tourism and conservation: preservation of a desert wilderness