Siba - Let's Cook

Siba Let's Cook introduces to delicious yet nutritious easy meals and treats for kids and teens, South African style.
Mtongana, Siba
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Title: Siba - Let's Cook
Subtitle: Delicious yet nutritious easy meals and treats for kids and teens
Author: Siba Mtongana
Genre: Cookbook
Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa 2020
ISBN 9781485900856 / ISBN 978-1-48-590085-6
Softcover, 19 x 25 cm, 175 pages, throughout colour photos

About: Siba - Let's Cook

Cooking has always been the quintessential joy of my life. It brings me calm, gets my creative juices flowing and satiates my sense of wonder and curiosity about the myriad gastronomic flavour combinations I'm yet to explore! Imagine then how cooking has been transformative for me after I married my husband, Brian, and we had our brood of four. The joy I derive from cooking now is still infused with that fantastically frivolous feeling of 'play' you get when you do something you love; and my young 'squad' now demands to create our home meals with me as part of their 'play' time.

This is one of the ways we bond and create precious memories that will last forever! But there's also something more meaningful and gratifying about preparing a meal now; I'm nourishing my family and shaping young palates, so hopefully they will make tasty but smart food choices as adults, deepening my connection to them. Now that I have my own children, I marvel at how the wheel has come full circle: from being in the kitchen with my own mom in Mdantsane in the Eastern Cape, to now passing on the love of preparing nutritionally sound, delicious meals and treats for my own little ones.

So who, exactly, is Let's Cook for, you may wonder? Given the life phase I'm in and the experience I've gained as a first-hand mom of four, this book is for little ones, teens, and indeed the whole family. I think of this fondly as my first kids' cookbook, but of course while it contains carefully curated and prepared recipes for their palates, it is assumed that like me, you (as the parent or guardian) will be co-steering things in the kitchen and using it as precious bonding time.

Content: Siba - Let's Cook

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