Riddles in Stone. Myths, theories and controversies about Southern Africa's geological past

Riddles in Stone is Southern Africa's geological past as story and theories and controversies as adventure.
Eales, Hugh V.
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Book title: Riddles in Stone
Subtitle: Myths, theories and controversies about Southern Africa's geological past
Author: Hugh V. Eales
Publisher: Witwatersrand University Press
Johannesburg, South Africa 2007
ISBN 9781868144471
Softcover, 19x24 cm, 432 pages, several colour and bw photos


Riddles in Stone covers a variety of fascinating controversies and startling differences of opinion that accompanied the evolution of the study of Earth Sciences in southern Africa. This encyclopaedic book is the result of a lifetime's work. Although scrupulously rooted in scientific literature, it maintains an accessible and entertaining tone and shows how consensus amongst a majority may be proof of nothing.

Geologists, challenged to interpret events that took place billions of years ago, often beneath the Earth's surface, have drawn up theories and hypotheses which may appear either absurdly dated or, from other perspectives, as cutting edge. The introduction of fresh ideas (as in the Plate Tectonic model) or new techniques (as in the dating of rocks using radioactive decay) can re-align the thrust of science, leading to the abandoning of traditional ideas and the embracing of new ones.

Hugh Eales is a Professor Emeritus of Geology with over forty years in academia, first as Professor then Head of Geology at Rhodes University, South Africa. He has expertise as a field and exploration geologist, having explored for gold, diamonds and base metals in East Africa and Zimbabwe.