Refuge is a riveting read from one of South Africa’s most compelling authors.
Brown, Andrew
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Title: Refuge
Authors: Andrew Brown
Publisher: Random House Struik
Imprint: Zebra Press
Cape Town, South Africa 2012
ISBN 9781770223905 / ISBN 978-1-77022-390-5
Softcover, 15 x 23 cm, 288 pages

Description: Refuge

Refuge depicts the deceit and violence that characterise the meeting point between “illegal aliens” and “law-abiding society”. The stories revolves around Richard, a disillusioned lawyer who is tiring of his criminal practice, his unaffectionate wife and his condescending colleagues. He becomes infatuated with a beautiful Nigerian refugee who works as an erotic masseuse. Not even his professional dealings with a notorious Russian ganglord have prepared him for the dangers that await. Provocative, shocking and unflinchingly honest, Refuge explores the plight of refugees in South Africa, the entanglements of the criminal justice system and the pervasiveness of organised crime. With this gripping tale of prejudice, desire and betrayal, award-winning author Andrew Brown has again produced an intelligent page-turner. Three plots converge in an explosive ending, as Richard discovers the extent of his gullibility and the deception of those around him. The novel gives a harsh depiction of xenophobia and the frail basis upon which notions of citizenship and entitlement are formed. It is not only an indictment on our discriminatory attitudes, but also a plea that we accept, and enjoy, the exciting cosmopolitan undertow of our city.