Easy Guide to landscape design for the home owner

Landscape design for the home owner is an easy guide to most ‘first time garden’ situations and pitfalls and provides guidelines to alterations and changes in garden styles.
Johnson, Lynton
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Title: Easy Guide to Landscape Design for the Home Owner
Author: Lynton V. Johnson
Publisher: Briza Publications
Pretoria, South Africa 2009
ISBN 9781875093779 / ISBN 978-1-875093-77-9
Softcover, 21 x 24 cm, 128 pages, 300 colour photographs


There is nothing quite as satisfying as the feeling gardeners have when they hesitantly approach a new patch of land, a garden space in a new city, climate zone or a larger or smaller space, with the knowledge that they know just how to go about designing their new space. Not only are they able to include all their garden fantasies, they are also able to visualise how it will look a few years down the line and avoid costly time-consuming mistakes. How do they do it, you ask. Quite simply by getting to know the 'building-blocks' needed to provide the ideal garden, then there is little left to chance as plants are chosen or disregarded, paving materials considered, or pros and cons of a pool, pond or play-pit for the kids. Time is a-wasting when you need firm choices for the ideal garden, and soon runs out if too much hesitation is encountered. All sites have design pitfalls and problem areas. As you work your way through the following pages you will pick up on the warning signs, reroute your thinking and avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes. As a home owner, you want your property to be unique in one way or another. In this Easy Guide to landscape design for the home owner are chapters on how to include features such as water, containers, ornamentation and wildlife in the design, as well as ideas on how standard 'off-the-shelf' items can be incorporated into specific, personalised landscapes.

Content: Easy Guide to landscape design for the home owner

To begin with
Measuring up
In the mood
Scale and other design principles
A room with a view
Walls, floors and ceilings
The purpose of plants
Accessorise and personalise
Redesigning and revamping
The cost of things to come
Useful contacts
Simplified metrif cation for the
home owner
Cone or bubble diagram
List of invader plants in South Africa