Tourist Map/ Karte of the Kavango Region 1:500.000

Kavango map/ Karte, detailled maps of Rundu (1:50.000); Divundu & Mahango Game Park (1:50.000); Khaudum Game Park (1:250.000)
Directorate of Survey and Mapping
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Tourist Map/ Karte of the Kavango Region 1:500.000

english Directorate of Survey and Mapping
Windhoek, 2003
Faltkarte, 99x54 cm, beidseitiger Farbdruck, Text englisch

english Directorate of Survey and Mapping
Windhoek, 2003
Fold-up map, 99x54 cm, both-sided colour print, text English

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Die Kavangoregion liegt als einer von den meisten Touristen nur durcheilter Raum zwischen den etablierten Hauptreisezielen Namibias und der Nachbarländer, obwohl gerade die Kavangoregion viel zu bieten hat.

Die Hauptkarte der Kavangoregion (1:500.000) und zeigt einen Ausschnitt von:

18°00 bis 22°00 Ost
17°20' bis 19°10' Süd

Das Kartengitter ist bei jedem 00°15' Grad angelegt. Diese und die Unterkarten sind im besten Sinne für den touristischen Bedarf gemacht und über zusätzliche Text-, Graphik und Bildbeiträgen erfahren Sie einiges über die Region.

Die Unterkarten zeigen Rundu und Umgebung (1:50.000), den Divundu & Mahango Game Park (1:50.000 und den Khaudum Game Park (1:250.000).

english Description:

The Kavango Region is situated between most major tourism attractions in Namibia and neighbouring countries. It is therefore an excellent place to break a journey between Etosha and the Okavango Swamps, or between Windhoek and Victoria Falls, for example.

And, of course, there is a lot to see and do in Kavango. Don't miss the many valuable opportunities that Kavango offers to tourists. It is, indeed, worth spending a few days in the region.

The main map (scale 1:500.000) shows the Kavango Area as an outtake in a range of

18°00 to 22°00 East
17°20'S to 19°10' South

and provides a grid at all 00°15' degrees. This one and the other detailed maps are very much designed to travellers needs and come along with useful and precise information.

Information tabels are spread among the otherwise blank spaces and give a chance for the rather unknown attraction and specialities of a somewhat neglected region.

The detail maps show Rundu and its environment (1:50.000), Divundu & Mahango Game Park (1:50.000 and Khaudum Game Park (1:250.000) and by this – finally – provide a reliable assistance to the traveller. Until now, there have not been any good detailed touristical maps for this region.