Dragon's Breath Adventure

Ndafa falls into the Dragon's Breath Cave. The friendly dragon takes her on a journey
Rudd, Sandy
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Author: Sandy Rudd
Editor: Build o Book Collective
Publisher: New Namibia Books
Windhoek, 1992
Soft-cover, 15x21 cm, 21 pages, 15 colour illustrations

Publisher's announcement:

Ndafa falls into the Dragon's Breath Cave near Tsumeb (the largest underground lake in the world). The friendly dragon takes her on a journey of exploration. The author Sandy Rudd has produced and directed youth theatre for many years. She is now also active in promoting children's books for Namibia. John Gibbs is an artist and illustrator who has worked at the People's Primary School in Katatura, assisting the establishment of the school library.

From the text:

Between Grootfontein and Tsumeb there is a farm called Harasib. At the farm, below the ground, is the world's largest underground lake, called 'Dragon's Breath Hole.' Some say a dragon lives there, as sometimes you can see his breath coming up from the ground in wisps of smoke.
Many years ago, at the village near Harasib, lived a young girl called Ndahafa. This is her story, the story of a girl who met a dragon. Ndahafa loved to go for walks and explore the countryside. Some people said Ndahafa lived in a place with drab brown thorn bushes. But Ndahafa did not agree. She loved her village and the countryside. She liked to collect wild flowers and shining rocks.
When Ndahafa went for walks by herself, her grandmother would scold her and tell her she should not go so far, for surely the dragon would get her. The villagers were afraid of the dragon, because sometimes they would see the smoke rising from the black, weather-worn rock. They would nod their heads and say 'Ah! the dragon is angry today.' The day Ndahafa met the dragon was like this. She had gone for a walk and was feeling tired, so she sat down in the shade of an old thorn tree. [...]


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