Tears over the Deserts (plus Music DVD: Kalahari)

The life of the young Jackson Kaujeua until he leaves his motherland Namibia to go into exile
Kaujeua, Jackson
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Tears over the Deserts (plus Music DVD: Kalahari)

Author: Jackson Kaujeua
Publisher: New Namibia Books
Windhoek, 2009
ISBN 978-99945-69-04-5
Softcover, 13x20 cm, 124 pages, many colour and bw photos, 1 Music-DVD
, 8 minutes, signed by author

Teilbiographie des überaus beliebten und herausragenden namibischen Sängers und Poeten Jackson Kaujeuas (1953-2010). Mit vielen interessanten Beiträgen aus seinem Leben und seiner künstlerischen Arbeit, Fotos und einer DVD mit dem Musikvideo „Kalahari". Dieses Buch gehört zu einem kleinen Bestand, den Kaujeua anläßlich eines Deutschlandbesuches signiert hat.

Please note:

Jackson Kaujeua passed away in 2010. This book belongs to a small stock which had been signed by Kaujeua during a visit to Germany shortly before is death.


Be inspired by the story of Jackson Kaujeua, the Namibian music legend! Tears over the Deserts tells the life of the young Jackson Kaujeua until he leaves his motherland to go into exile.

ackson tells of his rural childhood herding goats and drinking omaere; of traditional Herero life and the ceremonies of circumcision and transition to adulthood; of his worlds of school and work; and the call of music that has charted his adult career.

Brought up by his grandmother outside Keetmanshoop, Jackson and his family were forced to move in the 1960's to an area designated for Hereros under the Odendaal Commission. His life was coloured by the deprivations and discrimination of South Africa rule but this story is not one of defeat.

Mischievous as a boy and always landing in trouble, he fell foul of the security police as a young man through his refusal to accept the role of colonial subservience.

Eventually this forced him to flee his home and go into exile. At once touching and humorous, Tears over the Deserts captures the lively character of Namibia's foremost singer. It is a telling reflection of the spirit of Namibians in times of great adversity.


My Early Childhood
My First Friend
Growing Pains
Mourning Ceremony
At School in Komnarib
First Blood
School Holidays
Crowning Ceremony
School Days at Tses
Camping and Politics
Weekends in Keetmanshoop
Forced Removals
Sweet Love
New Settlements
Up and Down in Windhoek
Musical Inspiration
First Flight
Dorkay House
Flight to Freedom


Jackson Kaujeua was born on 3 July 1953 in Keetmanshoop and raised in the nearby Tses area in southern Namibia. He attended the Roman Catholic Primary and Secondary school in Tses and then studied at the Paulinum Theological Seminar in Otjimbingwe. After two years he left in 1973 to study Music Theory and Rudiments at Dorkay House, a College of Arts, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

After one year he was expelled from the country due to the suspicion of political involvement in Anti - Apartheid activities. Jackson was interrogated several times by the Special Branch of the South African Police. He left for exile via the Kalahari Desert when the situation became unbearable.

He spent 15 years in exile in Botswana, Zambia, United Kingdom, Angola and Sweden. In Angola he worked in the Refugee camps as a teacher and cultural activist. He studied part - time at the University of Lund, Sweden, Extra Mural Studies in Music Arrangements and Cultural Anthropology. In 1989 he returned to Namibia, shortly before Namibia became independent in March 1990. Jackson can look back to a 35 year career as a musician.

He has released 12 CDs and four music DVDs up to this day. In 1990 he was honoured with the Overall Winner Award of the Namibian Broadcasting Music Makers Competition and 2004 with the NBC/Sanlam Music Lifetime Achievement Award.
He played several leading acting roles in Namibian movies, documentaries, commercials, and a soap opera. He was co -writer of the musical "The Lions Roar" based on his life and music. The multi -talented speaks seven languages. He is a father of five children, three girls and two boys.

Currently he and his manager and business partner Kerstin van Wyk are running the company "Jackson Kaujeua Music Spectacle and Partner cc". He performs nationally, on African platforms and internationally. Jackson Kaujeua enjoys a traditional Herero life together with his family on his farm in the mountains of Ovitoto, Okahandja district.