Roots, Shoots & Leaves

Roots, Shoots & Leaves is an inspiring collection of South African vegetarian recipes.
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Title: Roots, Shoots & Leaves
Author: Bernadette Le Roux
Imprint: Sunbird Publishers Ltd
Publisher: Jonathan Ball
Cape Town / Johannesburg, South Africa, 2011
ISBN 9781920289591 / ISBN 978-1-920289-59-1
Hardcover, 21x25 cm, 192 pages, throughout colour photos


Roots, Shoots & Leaves, by award-winning author Bernadette le Roux, is an inspiring collection of vegetarian recipes. From everyday greens to more forgotten heirloom varieties, these pages celebrate vegetables in a range of delicious, straightforward dishes. The emphasis is on fresh, seasonal ingredients, whether grown in the garden, sourced from a farmer’s market or bought at a supermarket. Fascinating heirloom vegetables, most of which have been overlooked in recent decades, are showcased throughout.

Try a delicate twice-baked cheese and courgette soufflé; a silky soup of celeriac with the crunch of toasted almonds; crisp fennel bulb in a salad of cress and blood orange; baby aubergines in a creamy bake with tomato and thyme; a deliciously moist chocolate and beetroot cake, and much more. These ancient, non-hybridised varieties, selected for flavour and taste, are enjoying renewed popularity. A useful directory of where to source and how to grow your own heirlooms is included.