The most successful African businessman in Namibia

The most successful African businessman in Namibia is the biography of Dr. Frans Aupa Indongo.
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Title: The most successful African businessman in Namibia
Subtitle: The life story of Frans Aupa Indongo
Genre: Biography
Author: A. Shiimi yaShiimi
Publisher: Gamsberg-Macmillan
Windhoek, Namibia 2007
ISBN 978-99916-0-744-3 / ISBN 978-99916-0-744-3
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 145 pages, several photos


The most successful African businessman in Namibia, tells the life story of one of the richest Namibians of today, Frans Aupa Indongo. He started as a young village boy from northern Namibia who took care of his parents' cattle. After completing his primary education, his skills in needlework lead him to assist his friends by repairing their trousers by hand. As his needlework skills improved, he started his own business, repairing and designing clothing for both men and women. He then went to Walvis Bay as a contract labourer and, to supplement his income, worked as a bricklayer after hours. Later he returned to Owambo and started his first small business selling sweets and other items, on foot. Later he built his own shop, bought a bicycle and continued to operate his business. Step by step and with over years Frans Aupa Indongo developed a business portfolio of more than 60 companies, giving jobs to more than 2000 Namibians in all sectors of trade, producing, fishing, real estate affairs, farming and tourism. Courageous, determined and living old school ethics: from humble beginnings and constantly hard working he eventually became one of the most successful business personalities in Namibia.