Frog Search. Results of Expeditions to Southern and Eastern Africa

Frog Search will be of great value to scientists and others with an interest in the frogs of Southern and Eastern Africa.
Pickersgill, Martin
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Book title: Frog Search. Results of Expeditions to Southern and Eastern Africa
Author: Martin Pickersgill
Series: Frankfurter Beiträge zur Naturkunde Vol. 28
Publisher: Chimaira
Frankfurt a. M., 2007
ISBN 978-3-930612-80-2
Hardcover, 15x22 cm, 575 pages, over 100 b/w photos, drawings and sonogramms


This book is the culmination of his enterprising field expeditions in southern and eastern Africa between 1993 and 1999 and his years of dedicated research and innovative development of techniques and knowledge in his chosen field. It offers a wealth of general advice and valuable comment as well as incredibly detailed information on a number of African frog species.

Author's preface:

Over 30 years ago, when I first made acquaintance with Martin Pickersgill, I little dreamed that the eager Yorkshire youth would make the impact on African herpetology that he has in subsequent years. Among his first contributions were his observations on the peculiar calling behaviour of Breviceps verrucosus as well as finding a new species of reedfrog that I named Hyperolius pickersgilli in recognition of his discovery.

He and I have collected together in the field by day and night, in forest, grassland and evil-smelling swamps teeming with mosquitoes. We examined and determined specimens together while trying to establish species boundaries and spent many interesting hours discussing experiences, techniques and theories. […]