Mikono ya damu: "Hands of Blood"

Mikono ya damu: Hands of Blood. African Mercenaries and the Politics of Conflict in German East Africa, 1888-1904.
Mann, Erick J.
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Title: Mikono ya damu: «Hands of Blood»
Subtitle: African Mercenairies and the Politics of Conflict in German East Africa, 1888-1904
Author: Erick J. Mann
Publisher: Peter Lang Verlag
Frankfurt a. M., 2002
ISBN 3631376146 / ISBN 3-631-37614-6
ISBN 9783631376140 / ISBN 978-3-631-37614-0
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 333 pages, 10 map sketches

Description: Mikono ya damu: "Hands of Blood"

This is the first comprehensive study of the German colonial conquest of Tanzania between 1888 and 1904. Moving beyond the focus on German policy at the national level, the author highlights the local perspective on German colonialism as it was experienced by rural Tanzanians. In each region, the precolonial politics are analyzed to explain how the nature of German conquest and subsequent administration often reflected local political patterns and conflicts as much as it did German aims and objectives. The work examines the history and sociology of the German military in East Africa, largely composed of Africans, and how its organization reflected both German and African needs. The German military Schutztruppe, is viewed as a rapidly evolving African institution that created new ethnic identities and social classes in its wake.

Content: Mikono ya damu: «Hands of Blood»

The Origins of German Colonialism in East 25 Africa and the Recruitment of Africa and European Personnel, 1885-1889
The "Arab Revolt" and the Conquest of the Coast
The "Northeast" Shambaa, Pare, Kilimanjaro and Meru
The Southern Highlands: Hehe, Sangu and Ngoni
The Central Caravan Route, Lake Victoria and the Central Regions
Military Rule and the Reconquest of the Colony
Estimated Strength and Losses for the KSfDOA
Estimated Strength of the KSfDOA between
KSfDOA Officer Corps
Military Operations
Police Administration
Summary of Military Stations in German East Africa
Map plates