Kalahari Dreaming

Kalahari Dreaming is a wildlife photo book related to the famous semi-desert in Southern Africa.
Wasiolka, Bernd
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Title: Kalahari Dreaming
Photographer: Bernd Wasiolka
Publisher: Bernd Wasiolka
Genre: Wildlife Photography
Bochum, 2015
ISBN 9783000409912 / ISBN 978-3-00-040991-2
Hardcover, dustjacket, 196 pages, 34 x 24 cm, throughout colour photographs


Kalahari Dreaming: Timeless solitude, endless blue skies, red sand dunes covered with sparse grassy vegetation, dry open riverbeds with towering Camelthorns, this is the Kalahari. Here is home to abundant and varied wildlife, from the tiniest insects, the ever-present reptiles, a multitude of raptors, and large herds of antelopes, including the iconic Gemsbok. And then, of course, there are the charismatic predators: the famous black-maned Kalahari Lion, the Cheetah, fastest land animal on earth, the secretive and elusive Leopard, and the clans of Spotted Hyaena. With so rich a natural diversity, the Kalahari almost guarantees you spectacular sightings and excellent photographic opportunities. Here the seasons change dramatically, from the parched dry months when wildlife endures extreme hardship, to the rainy season dramatic electric storms and relief-bringing cloudbursts, when the characteristic red dunes vanish beneath carpets of green grass anc yellow flowers, and animals congregate in the riverbeds to slake their eternal thirst. You can't help but feel entranced by these magnificent spectacles of Mother Nature which leave a lasting impression on visitors. Here the sun rises and sets in a spectacular fashion, setting the sky aflame in red hues, fashion magical images in vibrant colours and create golden dreamscapes. This is Kalahari Dreaming.