Hakahana is a poem collection on Namibian topics.
Ellis, Hugh
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Title: Hakahana
Author: Hugh Ellis
Publisher: Wordweaver Publishing House
Windhoek, Namibia 2013
ISBN 9789991687810 / ISBN 978-99916-878-1-0
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 338 pages


Namibia is a land of contrasts like no other on the African continent. Hugh Ellis' poetry and accompanying photography brilliantly capture these contrasts, and how they manage to co-exist, juxtaposed, but together. Yet his poetry has resonance with the wider world, that someone in any other country will find meaning in his words, and take ownership of his experiences. Heart wrenching and hopeful at the same time Hakahana is a poem collection to take along on a journey, to read at home on a lazy Sunday, or any other place, at any other time. Hugh Ellis started writing poetry in 1998, and was for many years a regular at Spoken Word performance poetry events in Windhoek.

Content: Hakahana

Reading Books
Walking like the demon-possessed
Life sentence
Baking fruit bread on New Year's Eve
Take up your cross
The highway
Babylon by bicycle
I wish
Africa Day, 2007
Poem for the 16 days of Activism
I used to want
Living like leopards
Poetic licence
I want to sleep with someone
How to be a performance poet
Writing and photography
Fact-finding mission
Inter-city express
Screen saver
The centre
Three crosses
End of year
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